Urban Race 360° Warszawa 2014


4-5th October 2014

Accomodation & event center:

Somewhere in Warsaw. The accomodation is in the gym, so competitors should have their own sleeping bags and mattressess. WC, showers available.


Course of the race is divided into two stages.

On the first day (Saturday, 4th October) teams will compete on foot (run or walk). Time limit - 4 hours. The task of the competitors is to collect as many control points as possible (scorelauf). Course lenght - about 25 km.

On the second day (Sunday, 5th October) teams will compete on bikes. However, there will be some foot, kayak and roller sections as well. Time limit – 8 hours. Completing all of the CP’s is not mandatory. Course lenght – about 75 km.

During both of the stages there are some special tasks to perform.

There will be mass start of all of the teams both days.


Teams of two, divided into categories:

  • M – male teams
  • MIX – mixed or female teams
  • MV –  male teams, the sum of the age of the competitors not less then 90 years
  • MIXV – mixed or female teams, the sum of the age of the competitors not less then 90 years


Friday (3rd October 2014)
16:00-22:00 - registration and accomodation of participants
19.00 - jogging session; orgs &competitors together

Saturday (4th October 2014)
10:00-12:00 - registration and accomodation of participants
12:00 - briefing for competitors
13:15 - leaving the event base
14:30 - photo session
15:00 - start of the 1st day of the competition
19:00 - finish of the 1st day of the competition
19:30 - cabaret performance

Sunday (5th October 2014)
08:00 - leaving of the event’s base
09:00 - start of the 2nd day of the competition
17:00 - the end of the race
17:30 - closing ceremony
do 20:00 - check out of the teams, leaving event center

Artistic program:



  • Accomodation
  • a set of maps of the Race
  • start numbers
  • kayaks, paddles and life vests (for a kayaking section)
  • hot meal & drinks after the race
  • cups, diplomas and prizes for the best teams
  • gifts


All the teams, that will finish the race, will be given diplomas.
Top three teams from each category will be given cups and prizes (equipment).
Best teams from Gliwice will be given prizes, also.


Will be open soon and available till D-day. Up to 100 teams.

Entry fee:

50 PLN (payed till 9th September 2014) or 75 PLN (payed later) for a team

Account number:
VW Bank 64 2130 0004 2001 0550 4824 0001
Stowarzyszenie Team 360°
ul. Gościniec 152a/9
05-077 Wesoła
with the postscript "Rajd Miejski 360° Entry fee" a team name